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LDS renews call for Presidential election

LDS will launch actions to call for new Presidential election and to get support of the people of Seychelles for this.

LDS believes the time is right to renew the call made in early 2017, under the logan “We want an Elected President”. This is because there is now ample proof that the current administration is failing in its responsibility to provide leadership for the country, and in particular to resolve the numerous problems that we contunue to experience.

The new call will be launched in a motion brought by the Leader of The Opposition, Hon. Wavel Ramkalawan, asking the National Assembly to call on President Danny Faure to resign to make way for a fresh Presidential election.

This motion will not have any binding Constitutional effect, because under our Constitution the president is directly elected by the people and cannot be removed by parliament through a motion.

The motion will be followed by rallies and meetings in which LDS will ask the people of Seychelles to back this call. This will demonstrate the people’s will which is the basis of democracy.

Dates and  venues for these events will be publicised and LDS seeks overwhelming support for this call.

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