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LDS – Champion of National Unity

LDS is the true champion of unity. We can rightfuly claim to have forged the sense of reconciliation and national unity that exists in our country today. 

The obstacle to national unity in Seychelles has always been our past history of coup d’etat and authoritarian government. The party which came to power in the coup d’etat has never adhered to democratic norms. It has maintained power by using the authority and resources of the state. It has only conceded political space to the opposition when it was obliged to do so. 

The LDS majority in the National Assembly in the 2016 elections made a difference. 

The main Opposition in Seychelles has always been responsible and patriotic – always putting the good of the country above party politics. LDS is doing so today, which is why the country has avoided bitterness and recriminations. 

The work of LDS today is focused on priorities for the country. It is engaged in bringing honesty and transparency in the management of state finances – to eliminate the corruption that has permeated the government under the Parti Lepep and its predecessors. It is also committed to securing all the rights of the Seychellois people which include the right to information and expression, access to opportunity and effective service delivery from government. 

LDS remains determined to bring better government for Seychelles. 

LDS Secretariat

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