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Stop PL plunder of state property

Maison du Peuple, the party headquarters built with public money

LDS is pursuing the theft of state property by the Parti Lepep and its predecessors in government. The impetus now is to stop them selling land and assets that were taken from government on the cheap and are now being sold for millions.

The battle for return of state property was taken up this week by LDS MNA Flory Larue, who has made herself a champion of the cause. In a motion brought to the NA, Hon. Larue asked for the prompt return of property and sounded the alarm over the on-going sale of these properties now that Parti Lepep is under attack. She ended with the call : “We must stop them before it is too late.”

Hon. Larue, with the support of LDS members, detailed the list of 59 properties which had been taken by the ruling party. Among these were 10 transactions in which the current President, Danny Faure, has been involved personally on behalf of his party.

Many of these plots have already been sold to third parties at enormous profit, including some which were sold back to government. Examples are plots at Plaisance and on La Digue which fetched over R8 million apiece. The scam to net the party millions has been laid bare. 

Some other properties have been put to other uses, highly beneficial in most cases. This includes a warehouse rented by the Seychelles Trading Company for R800,000 per month and buildings rented out for commercial space. 

The urgency now is to get the assets returned to the people of Seychelles, to whom they belong. In the debate on the motion, the LDS MNAs have highlighted the great need for land for different kinds of purposes whether home building or socially beneficial business such as day-care centres. 

LDS has vowed that the fight for the return of assets plundered from the state will continue until victory is achieved.


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