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PL members in NA desert colleague on motion

Empty seats of PL Members 

Members of the National Assembly from the ruling party failed to turn up for work on Wednesday afternoon, abandoning their colleague Waven William. 

Hon. William had presented a motion in the morning on which debate had started. But in the afternoon, only four members of his party showed up and the Assembly had to be suspended for lack of a quorum. Among those absent were the NA Assembly leaders such as de Commarmond and Simon Gill.

The absence was an act of dereliction of duty by the PL members and portrays the disarray in which the party now stands. The motives are not entirely clear. Hon. William, who has had a long career in the National Assembly, has sometimes broken with his party line, for instance when he voted to suspend debate on the supplementary budget that same morning. In this case, the action of his colleagues may have been an act of revenge.

But the worst part of it is the disrespect of these members for the National Assembly and the failure to live up to their responsibilities. 

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