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The ‘Danny Out – Elections Now ‘ Campaign 

The Danny Out campaign has mobilised thousands of Seychellois in support of the call for fresh Presidential elections.

Rallies have now been held on all three main islands, drawing large crowds.  LDS Party leaders have laid out the reasons for the campaign as a call to bring a new government able to tackle the problems we face at the moment and give new impetus to national development.

With the system of Government now split between the two parties, Seychelles is not moving forward. There is no unified vision for the country. The solution to this is to let the people decide what they want for the country.

The LDS has laid out its priorities in fighting courruption and cleaning up government finances.  It believes this is the key to establishing a fresh approach to Government. Clean government and good financial management will enable us to focus on what we need to do for the people of Seychelles. 

Issues that are important for the Seychellois people today are bringing down the cost of living, combating drug abuse and trafficking, security in our home and communities and delivering services effectively. WE need action now.

We need a unified Government with the Executive and the Legislature following the same vision. 

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