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New Petrol Station - Ready But Not in Use Typical example of Government dysfunction

A brand new petrol station stands unused, three months after it was completed. It was supposed to be opened to the public in December 2018, but when the time came it was announced that it could not be put into operation yet.

Officially, the explanation was that there was no access road. The authorities assembled for the TV camera said it would take them three months to fix that. This is surprising because the station opens onto a paved road just a few metres past the Ile du Port roundabout.

But since the announcement there has been no sign of any work. The brand new petrol station is just sitting there like a ghost station.

Yet this facility is very much needed. People on the north-east side of the island, from Victoria to Glacis, have to go all the way to Roche Caiman for fuel. The cost in fuel and in time and it’s already a big price for the ordinary consumer. But the traffic situation on the road makes it a real hardship. The Roche Caiman service station is very often  jammed with traffic. An alternative would be a great relief for all road users.

The story of the Victoria North service station is one of deplorable planning and coordination between the government agencis conserned. How was the station planned and built without any consideration for the road access? This is a typical example of Government dysfunction which is costing our country a lot. Our Goverment needS sHaking up.

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