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Dealing with Forced Land Acquisitions - LDS brings justice to victims of the One Party State

Some victims of the one-party state can see justice. 

A new Commission to deal with cases of forced acquisitions of property after the 1977 coup d’etat has begun work. This is directly the result of the LDS majority in the National Assembly. 

IN the 2016 National Assembly campign, LDS placed high on its agenda the task of overturning the injustices of the one-party state. One of the first motions brought by Leader of the Opposition Wavel Ramkalawan after the LDS victory was for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to address the abuse of human rights of citizens during the one-party state. 

Out of this motion came the formation of the Commission specifically to deal with the cases of people who lost their property as a result of compulsory land acquisition. Many people lost their homes and businesses as a result of this policy. Some of them had their properties seized with no compenation. Others were pressured to sell at a low value. Our picture shows the headline of the news magazine ‘Life’ which reported on the acquisition of farms.

Since the return of multi-party system in 1993 many people have been seeking ways to have their cases for return or compensation addressed. A few cases have been dealt with but many others are outstanding.

The new Land Commission under the direction of Lawyer Joey Athanasius has begun hearing some of these cases and is inviting anyone with a grievance of the kind to come forward. 

The office of the Land Commission is in Le Chantier Mall in Victoria. The phone number is 4325110.

The Land Commission has taken some time to start work but it is here at last. This is a major contribution of LDS to setting things right.


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