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Seychelles Improves on Corruption Perception Index - LDS Mission for Clean Government

Seychelles has improved in the Corruption Perceptions Index for 2018 published by Transparency International. LDS can claim credit for this improvement because functional institutions and Government oversight are key factors in limiting corruption.

Since 2016, Seychelles has improved its score by 11 points on the 100 point scale. It stands at 66 for 2018, coming from 55 in 2016 and 60 in 2017. The scale runs from 0 to 100 with 0 as the worst  and 100 as the best. 

With the score of 66, Seychelles is ranked 28th in the world but the highest in Sub-Saharan  Africa, where it is followed by Botswana with a score of 61 and Cape Verde with 57. .  

LDS has been rigorous and persistent in combating corruption, exposing several cases which have shocked the country. It is now recognised that there is now more awareness of corruption and of the need to eliminate it. 

Transparency International has noted the relative good standing of Seychelles compared to other African countries which are still hampered by weak or dysfunctional institutions.

Seychelles also now has an organisation dedicated to promoting transparency. This is Transarency Initiative Seychelles.

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