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Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) has reviewed with the gravest concern the report on the tragedy of the ‘Sea Horse’ cargo vessel at Coetivy Island in August last year. This report  by the Marine Accidents Investigation Board (MAIB) has been posted on the website of the Seychelles Maritime Safety Administration (SMSA) but has not yet received publicity in the national media.
The findings of the investigative body reveal a shocking array of mistakes, disregard of regulations and bad practices on the part of the authorities involved, namely the Islands Development Company (IDC), Seypec and the Prison Authority.
The MAIB found serious fault with the handling and transport of the volatile fuel  cargo as well as with the response to the accident. The details of the report leave a lot for the authorities concerned to explain, but more importantly to take into consideration to review their procedures and safety measures in place, not only for an incident of the same sort but also in the wider operations of their enterprises.
The President of the Republic and the Ministries implicated must take full note of the report and act with all due haste to address the issues raised. All national institutions must give full attention to it as well. The Seychellois public needs to be reassured that the authorities concerned face the responsibility for the incident and the tragic consequences, and that at least the appropriate lessons are accepted and acted upon.
The report has served as a reminder of the heartbreaking loss of lives in the incident and the grief that is borne by the families, relatives and friends of the victims which we continue to share.

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