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Danny Faure not able to work with National Assembly

When he became President, Danny Faure said he would work with National Assembly to do what’s best for Seychelles. He presented himself as a leader who knew how to work across the political divide. It is a claim he has repeated often.

But his willingness has faltered. 

On the subject of salary increases for the Public Service, Danny Faure and the LDS majority in the National Assembly are at loggerheads. At his last word, Mr. Faure has stated that he will not accept any change in the proposal he has made for an across the board 5% increase for all public employees.

The salary increase was presented in the 2019 Budget, and was to tak effect on April 1. The National Assembly approved the sum of R62 million for the purpose in this years budget, to cover nine months. 

The LDS in the National Assembly has rejected the 5% for eveyone proposal, on the grounds that it gave very little to the lowest paid. Workers on minimum wage would get R250 only, while the highest paid would get R3000. Instead,it has proposed an equal sum of R525 for everyone net after tax, 

For the LDS, the salary increase is an occasion to do something definitive about poverty. It has presented its proposal as a one-time action to bring up the lowest paid. It has accepted that professionals and higher ranked public servants also need to be rewarded and that there needs to be sufficient progression in the salary scale to reflect qualifications, responsibility and authority. But striking a blow at povery is a priority at this moment. 

Danny Faure has nt accepted any of this, insisting that the 5% across the board must stand. He took the controversial step of publicising a letter he had sent to the National Assembly calling for them to approve the bill as it stands.

The LDS majority has asked for details of the numberof personnel at each salary level in order to be better able to make counter proposals. The Department of Public Administration has been slow in providing the information.

When it comes to policy differences, Faure has shown he is not willing to work with the National Assembly. It’s more proof that we need a fresh presidential election.


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