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LDS for fairness in salary increase

The LDS majority in the National Assembly will continue to work for a fair salary increase for all public sevice employees. LDS has pressed for an increase of the same amount after tax for all but remains open to further discussion with the Executive on this issue.

LDS and the Executive directed by the President are at loggerheads over how the slary increase should be divided. The clash has shown a difference of philosophy and priorities at this moment between the two sides and also a test of authority over legislation.

While sum of R62 million was approved for the purpose in the 2019 budget, the difference over how to share it out emerged when the matter came before the National Assembly. When it was approved in November 2018, the sum was identified as a 5% increase across the board for all employees. The LDS majority did not argue the method then, knowing that it was supposed to come before the National Assembly.

In considering the increase, the LDS has taken the position that a 5% increase for all meant very little for employees at the bottom of the scale and would widen the gap between the lower and higher paid.

While LDS believes that a clearly defined salary scale must reflect the post and responsibilities attached, the present salary increase should be used as an opportunity to do something about the earnings gap and to tackle what has become a stain on the image of Seychelles – the figure of 40% of the population living at poverty level.

President Faure has not been wiling to accept the proposal. When the National Assembly refused to pass the Bill, he sought to withdraw it and to apply the salary increase unilaterally as a SI (Statutory Instrument). The National Assembly has quashed SI, and the President has now referred it to the Attorney-General.

LDS will continue working for an acceptable distribution of the salary increase.



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