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Ramkalawan and Afif for Presidential 2020

Wavel Ramkalawan was nominated as the LDS candidate for the forthcoming Presidential election. Party Leader Roger Mancienne announced the nomination in the Party’s Convention on Sunday. 

A large crowd of members gathered in the International Conference Centre for the historic event, launching the party’s campaign for the election in which it aims to make the first transfer of power since the 1977 coup d’etat. 

Ramkalawan, who has been the principal opposition leader since the return to multi-party democracy in 1993, was the sole candidate for nomination on the party’s ticket. He has named a fellow member of the National Assembly, Ahmed Afif, as his running mate. 

The two candidates received an enthusiastic acclamation from the members of the party attending the event. Both addressed the audience on the party’s determination to be the next government for the country. 

Applause, chants and shouts of support echoed through the hall throughout the event. The acclamation of members and supporters left no doubt that the LDS team was set for a spirited and vigourous campaign. 


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