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LDS introduce National Assembly candidates to much fanfare

Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) held its Extraordinary Convention on Friday, 14 August at the International Conference Centre of Seychelles (ICCS) as they presented their candidates who will contest in the upcoming National Assembly (NA) election on 22, 23 and 24 October this year. The event was broadcasted live on YouTube amid health guidelines restricting the number of people attending the much-anticipated event.


To recall, President Danny Faure dissolved the National Assembly citing the financial savings of holding both the presidential and parliamentary elections together as the main reason for his controversial decision. Nevertheless, LDS strongly disagreed with the president’s decision to dissolve the NA and labelled it purely as a political manoeuvre rather than a national interest. This was even more evident when the Electoral Commission (EC) requested additional finance from the government to hold both elections simultaneously, therefore, one can only ask what financial savings were President Faure referring to?


As the event proceeded, all 26 candidates were presented to a jubilant crowd proudly cheering them on and those watching the event live on YouTube. Each candidate pronounced their continued dedication and determination to bring about change to Seychelles where each and everyone will have the same opportunities and a better Seychelles for all its children. The candidates were full of energy and enthusiasm as they thanked everyone who has supported and endorsed them, ultimately being entrusted with the future of each district in their capable hands.


In addressing the audience, Party Leader of LDS, Roger Mancienne reflected on the current situation whereby “the National Assembly was dissolved nearly a whole year before the completion of its mandate, but irrespective, it was a National Assembly that made a historical contribution in the history of Seychelles and accomplished a lot. For the first time since the return of multi-party, the 6th National Assembly truly discharged its roles as merited in a democratic society and our Constitution. As a check and balance system for the government, it verified the work carried out and also how it was carried out but most importantly, it was done in a way that included the population of Seychelles and raised the standard in the process,” revealed Mancienne.


The night belonged to the 26 newly endorsed candidates and their team of activists who were never too far away, but a special mention cannot go amiss for the former members of the 6th National Assembly for their remarkable contributions acknowledged in the hope that their successes can be a guiding beacon and aspiration for the new candidates to deliver even more changes in the 7th National Assembly that will benefit Seychelles and all its children.

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