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LDS members declare assets publicly, attesting to their unrelenting fight to raise democratic standards

Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS) has raised the bar yet again when LDS Presidential Candidate, Wavel Ramkalawan made history on Monday, 31 August 2020, by being the first person to declare his assets under the Public Persons (Declaration of Assets, Liabilities and Business Interests) Act of 2016, this democratic process was also followed by other members of LDS who were part of the 6th National Assembly.


To recall, the LDS led majority in the National Assembly approved this fundamental piece of legislation in December 2016. It then took a shocking 3 years and 8 months to identify and appoint a suitable candidate for the role of Public Persons Declaration of Assets Commissioner, which saw Judge Bernardin Renaud recently appointed as the Commissioner in July 2020.


According to the Act, in Section 7 (5), it states ‘Where a public person ceases to be a public person either by effluxion of time or by termination or on resignation, the Commissioner may order that a declaration be submitted within thirty days from the date of such effluxion of time of the term, termination or resignation, unless the declarations specified in subsections (1), and (3) (a) was filed within three months before the cessation date. As a result, in early August 2020, Commissioner Renaud requested in writing that all Members of the National Assembly declare their assets publicly within the required timeframe as stipulated in the law.


With LDS being a fervent supporter of democracy in Seychelles, this simple act of declaring their assets, the presidential candidate and his LDS cohorts has reverberated the evolution of true democracy in Seychelles; a change proudly brought about by the exemplary work of the LDS team in the 6th National Assembly. All public persons declaring their assets to Commissioner Renaud will receive a certificate to confirm such has been done. 


More often than not, the calls for real democracy in Seychelles by politicians have often been considered as inconsequential pretty words and without much substance, as it has been proven in the past but this enthusing moment in history has no doubt entrusted the people of Seychelles a leader who leads by example and a President Seychelles can be proud of.

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