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LDS Presidential and Vice-Presidential nominations certified 

The Presidential Nomination Day for the 7th upcoming presidential election kicked-off on Wednesday, 16 September 2020 and saw the nominations for the LDS presidential and vice-presidential candidates validated and certified by the Electoral Commission.


In the morning of the said day, both Wavel Ramkalawan and Ahmed Afif, accompanied by Party Leader, Roger Mancienne, jointly handed in all the documentation to the Chief Electoral Officer, Manuella Amesbury for verification pending certification.


In his brief interview to the media, Ramkalawan stated that he was happy with the way the Nomination Day was unfolding and in fact, LDS had submitted more signatory endorsements than legally required. Besides, Ramkalawan also pointed out “importantly, this election should not be just about getting votes [at any cost]. In line with LDS's beliefs, this is an important election, a mission and a vocation that calls on every Seychellois voting in the upcoming election to reflect on what they are about to do, although the country is going through a difficult spell, each and everyone must understand the importance and to vote with sincerity but also to think about the best option for the country right now that can remedy the downturn in our economy due to COVID-19, take to task the scourge of drug abuse affecting 10% of our population and how are we going to guide the country out of this darkness and replace the heartaches with love. This is the message LDS is putting out and we hope all Seychellois will make their decisions that will move the country forward,” pronounced Ramkalawan.


With one of two Nomination Day out of the way and the legislative candidates set to go through the same rigorous procedures to be certified on Friday, 18 September, LDS showed their confidence during the various processes to finally be certified during the certification ceremony, as the physical certificates were handed over to the presidential and vice-presidential candidates, ultimately giving LDS the green light as they embark on their transitional journey to the new Seychelles.

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