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100 days spent repairing a ‘kales kase’

100 days in the office can be a time to look back at the progress and share the plan ahead. The first live press conference under the helm of President Ramkalawan afforded media houses and the public the opportunity to share these achievements and challenges.


As a man of principles and fairness amongst many other attributes, President Ramkalawan ensured all media houses had the opportunity to question his actions and that of his government freely without fear of reprisal, constantly promoting freedom of expression, an element missing in our democratic society for far too long until recently. The long and arduous fight in the name of freedom of expression has left its battle scars permanently etched on the president and Designated Minister, Jean Francois Ferrari, as well as many others who suffered the brutal  assault on that fateful day on the 3rd October 2006.


Contrary to what United Seychelles would have you believe, the LDS government does have a solid plan to combat COVID-19 and find solutions to the economic woes brought on by the pandemic, Politicians in the opposition today are selective in memory and neglecting their contributions to the current economic dilemma owing to their mismanagement of the country’s finances during their 43- year rule.


Most recently, United Seychelles staged yet another political manoeuvre criticising the deportation of a foreign national to her native country. In his press conference, President Ramkalawan has justified his decision that the deportation was according to the law and necessary.


The numerous warnings from President Ramkalawan about drug trafficking have been crystal clear without any ambiguity. Stop your drug trafficking into Seychelles or face the consequence. Some chose to heed the president’s warnings, whilst others ignored this invaluable notice.


The war to eradicate illicit drugs in Seychelles has begun, a promise enshrined in the LDS manifesto. United Seychelles (US) must be careful not to show support for drug traffickers, raising serious questions of why alleged drug traffickers have been allowed to live and operate in Seychelles freely under their watch. 


The plot thickens when SBC quoted an article from TODAY in Seychelles newspaper quoting the deportation to be illegal by the Chairman of the Human Rights Commission, Judge Bernadin Renaud. But as it turned out, the article was fake news created to undermine the fight of the LDS government against drugs traffickers. The continued baseless attack by a small group of people on the present administration is deplorable and callous at a time President Ramkalawan is calling for unity.


President Ramkalawan affirmed the deportation was enacted under the Immigration Decree. In Section 23, it states: (1) Any person who in the opinion of the Minister is, by his presence or his conduct, likely to be a danger to peace and good order in Seychelles may be deported from Seychelles pursuant to a warrant under the hand of the Minister.


The vulnerable Seychellois is another card often used to support United Seychelles’ political charade, play-acting the guardian of those more vulnerable when in fact they were instrumental in creating the situation in the first place through the maladministration of public funds. Their reckless decision during the last election campaign to give everyone a 25% reduction off their loan in the hope of securing votes has cost the government SCR42 million. The FA4JR scheme was riddled with abuse whereby everyone and anyone were getting paid without proper validation being done and at great expense to the taxpayers.


The Unemployment Relief Scheme (URS) and Social Welfare were political tools used to secure votes and decisively creating a large part of society dependent on the state passing as vulnerable. But there is a silver lining shining between the ensuing chaos as an extraordinary number of Seychellois are opting to leave the URS scheme and jumping into employment, a commendable effort on their part.  It is not the first time US has criticised the proposed revised scheme and the opposition party has yet to put any alternative plans or suggestions forward.


A shortage of methadone has caused a stir in the community and putting those receiving treatment at risk due to the shortage. But how did we get there? To recall the head of APDAR was none other than Dr Patrick Herminie, the current United Seychelles party leader who resigned as the head of APDAR in November 2020. It would appear Dr Herminie has failed to do his job when he was the Secretary of State for APDAR as he was unable to foresee or plan ahead to ensure adequate stock of the controlled drug was available. His failure may have been planned to persistently disrupt the current administration but their plan was short-lived as new stock of Methadone is due to arrive  on Saturday, 6 January 2020 and neighbouring Mauritius has pledged assistance to Seychelles with another stock of Methadone and effectively ending a possible crisis.


‘Kales kase’ is now the buzzword of Seychelles since President Ramkalawan used it to describe the state of the nation. It was a term which the opposition party didn’t like very much and have continued to protest.


Although upsetting to a few people, the true essence of the two words may have gone amiss when President Ramkalawan was describing the magnitude of problems inherited by the LDS government. It is a combination of actions and inactions by the previous administration that impelled President Ramkalawan to use such a term.


Within 2 weeks of taking office from President Faure, President Ramkalawan procured several tents from overseas to be used by the Ministry of Health for COVID-19, instead of renting them for SCR129,000 per day. After paying Berjaya Beau Vallon Bay Hotel SCR4.4 million per month to use part of the hotel as a quarantine facility for over a year, his government was able to renegotiate this contract to zero.


It would not be fair not to mention the brand new Anse Royale hospital that had to close down and then ended up paying SCR400,000 per month in rent to a private citizen to use his building just around the corner as a hospital.  All these shenanigans happened under the watchful eye and leadership of United Seychelles. Their hypocritical and political tantrum will not change this fact.

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