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US renegades on election promise

US presidential candidate, former President Danny Faure, campaigned for a united approach in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic. ‘Seychelles is greater than anyone’ he stressed. ‘We need a unifying force’. Unfortunately, his peers within the party had other ideas.

In his attempt to bring together all stakeholders in the fight against the pandemic, President Ramkalawan invited the Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Sebastien Pillay, to be part of the highest committee overseeing the management of the pandemic. After having attended only one meeting, Hon. Pillay resigned from the Platinum Committee. His main reason was flimsy; the LDS government is autocratic. This is absolutely absurd.

Unlike his predecessor, President Ramkalawan extended an invitation to the Opposition to partake in decision making regarding the pandemic. Decisions of the Platinum Committee are based on inputs of professional from various fields; health, tourism, finance, security and others. As clearly stated by the Health Commissioner, recommendations on actions to be taken are laid before the Platinum Committee for approval. At the end of the day, it remains a collective decision based on inputs from all sectors but Hon Sebastien Pillay could not accept that. He wants things to be done ‘his way’; this attitude is what is called autocracy. He feels ill at ease with collective decision making and collective responsibility.

This attitude stems from years of autocratic rule by his party as espoused by former President James Michel on passing over power to his successor: ‘I did it my way’ he boasted. US does not believe in compromise and the call for unity during the election campaign was just a bluff. Hon. Pillay’s resignation is testimony that US will never accept the democratic will of the people. Under the leadership of Dr Patrick Herminie, the opposition is set to oppose anything government does. The notion of national interest eludes them and they will stop at nothing to distract government from nation building.

This is tragic and does not bode well for our democracy. A responsible opposition should know better.

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