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LDS will question PUC Tariffs in the National Assembly

Picture: PUC generating station at Roche Caiman

The recent increase in tariffs by the Public Utilities Corporation (PUC) will be examined in the National Assembly. 

Opposition Leader Wavel Ramkalawan has said that he will ask for a review of the tariffs in a motion as soon as the Assembly reconvenes next month. 

LDS has objected to the tariff increases on the grounds that it means a further increase of the cost of living.  It has called for a performance  audit of PUC to determine if operating costs are fully justified and a review of its investment policies to look at alternative means. 

There has been widespread public objection to the tariff increases which affect electricity, water and sewage rates for domestic users. PUC has said the increases are necessary to meet investment needs. 

Bringing down the cost of living is a major battle cry for the Opposition LDS. It has already raised several issues such as the business practices of the Seychelles Trading Company (STC) another major state enterprise which impacts on the cost of living.


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