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Annual Convention

LDS officials and  members gathered under the theme  ‘From Assembly Majority to Government’, for the annual party convention held  at the International Conference Centre, Victoria, on Sunday August 5th, 2018.

“It is a moment in histroy” LDS Party Leader Roger Mancienne declared to the packed audience. 

The theme was both a guide to the party’s work in the time ahead and and an inspiration for what it aimed to achieve, he said.

Other party leaders who addressed the Convention on the theme were Alexia Amesbury, Philippe Boullé and Wavel Ramkalawan, who delivered the keynote address. 

The Convention also heard several presentations from members and officials which were recommendations for the party program in the National Assembly and for Government. Among the contributors were Micehl Roucou, Kelly Samynadin, Ahmed Afif and Rosie Bistoquet. 

Among the subjects which received attention were national unity, the aspirations of young people, finanacial responsibility and fighting corruprion, and ending the scourge of drugs. Members also made several contributions in the form of proposals or questions from the floor. 

These subjects were summed up in a series of recommendations which were presented by Gervis henrie and adopted by the Convention. 

The meeting also fulfilled administrative tasks required by the law and the party Constitution. In that regard, Executive Officer Clifford Mondon presented a report on the activities of the Party for the year 2917 while Treasurer Roy Fonseka presented the party accounts for that same year. 

The annual gathering is an obligatory activity for all political parties but is also an important moment to rally support and motivate members. 


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