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The countdown to Presidential  Election begins on August 2nd for LDS. It has taken the date, to officially launch its campaign, although campaiging activities have been ongoing for several months. While LDS is following recommended caution for  mass gatherings such as rallies, the motorcade is an alternative for supporters to get together but avoiding close contacts. 

The event will start at 1.00 pm on the New Port car park in front of the IDC premises and will go to south Mahe and back. It will start with a short address by the party’s presidential candidate, Wavel Ramkalawan. 

Supporters have been instructed to observe health guidelines which are being recommended generally. Topping the list is the wearing of masks.Any mask will do, organisers say. But for the more enthusiastic  masks with the LDS logo and sometimes with the national olours have begun to appear. This will be an occasion for participants to display their support with full party colours. 

There are also guidelines on limiting the number of persons in vehicles. Cars should have only four persons, unless they are all family members living in the same house. Pickups should have limited number of people, according to size, to observe the basics of social distancing. 

Organisers are also insisting that participants stay next to their vehicles on the car park and avoid congregating in groups. There will be no stopping on the route, again to avoid close contact. 

This year’s political campaign will have fewer activities but LDS believes supporters will be no less enthusiastic because of the historical significance of this presidential election when it is looking to make the first peaceful transition of power since Independence in 1976.

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