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LDS launched the call for new presidential election in a major rally on Sunday at Pointe Larue.  Supporters turned out in large numbers, braving the blustery weather and drizzle. Party leaders took turns speaking on the theme, and touchingon other current issues.
The occasion was also the second anniversary of the LDS majority in the National Assembly, from the 15-10 election victory in the parliamentary elections of September 2016.
Regional representtives were among the speakers, led by Rosie Bistoquet from Pointe Larue itself. Cascade Representative George Madeline and Anse Aux Pins MNA Clifford Andre folowed in the line-up. Apart from national issues, they were also able to elaborate on concerns for their district. MNA Andre addressed the security failures at Montagne Posee prison, which is in his district and which has been in the limelight for many months.
Several other MNAs addressed the rally on topics of national concern such as cost of living, poverty,  poor delivery of services, and corruption. These included Mont Fleuri MNA Jean-Francois Ferrari, Anse Etoile MNA Ahmed Afif while St. Louis MNA Sandy Arissol was in his usual role of orshestrating the program.
Roy Fonseka and Philippe Boulle addressed opportunity for Seychellois and obstacles for small buisness. LDS party leader Roger Mancienne called for Seychellois to continue the drive for change and Opposition leader Wavel Ramkalawan expresed the party’s determination to call the current President to account for failures and lack of decision, and pledged that action would continue to put pressure for new preidential election.
The call for presidential election will be supported by a motion brought before the Assembly this week by the Opposition Leader.

The Sittings of the National Assembly will be on Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th September 2018.

The Bills Committee chaired by Hon. Bernard Georges will present its annual Report for September 2017 to September 2018 to the House followed by the Designated Minister, Mrs. Macsuzy Mondon who will respond to Questions for Oral Answer from several Members, namely; Hon. Egbert Aglae, Hon. Wilbert Herminie, Hon. Wavel Woodcock and Hon. John Hoareau. The Questions from the Members will address certain maintenance issues regarding several Sporting facilities in different districts, as well as the multi-purpose courts that are not in good condition. 

After Question Time, the Minister for Fisheries and Agriculture, Mr. Charles Bastienne will be making a Statement on the Comprehensive Plan for Agriculture.

The National Assembly will be taking the Second Reading of the Immigration Bill, 2018 to be presented by the Minister for Employment, Immigration and Civil Status, Ms. Myriam Thelemaque and the Constitutional Posts (Special Pension) (Amendment) Bill, 2018 which is a Private Member’s Bill to be presented by Hon. Wavel Ramkalawan, the Leader of the Opposition. 

In addition, there will be two Motions presented:

Hon. Waven William – Member for Grande Anse Mahe is calling for the Government to review the criteria that planning are utilizing, that is delaying the development of the districts whilst taking into accounts the local and cultural context.

Hon. Wavel Ramkalawan – Leader of the Opposition is calling for the National Assembly to express:

a. The disappointment in the way the Executive is leading the country

b. The profound concern that there is no effective action being taken within the administration of the country

c. The worry that the state of the country is deteriorating 

And therefore is calling for Mr Danny Faure to resign immediately as the President in the interest of the Nation and to permit the people of Seychelles to choose their Government. 

For more details please contact:

Ms. Alexandria Faure - Public Relations, Communications & Protocol Manager  

Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

LDS is calling for full mobilisation for a mass rally on Sunday 23rd September, 2018 at Pointe Larue.

The event will mark the 2nd Anniversary of the LDS majority in the National Assembly, after the 2016 elections. LDS is asking the people of Seychelles to mark this occasion as the beginning of change that our country needs. The National Assembly has set a new direction for Seychelles.

But it is time to renew the battle for change. LDS seeks the support of all for its call for fresh Presidential election. 


The Government led by Mr. Danny Faure has stalled. Decisions are not being taken and many problems are dragging on. Mr. Faure himself is stuck in the practices of the past and is unable to take action against the pressing problems such as drugs and corruption. We need a new start. 


LDS will launch actions to call for new Presidential election and to get support of the people of Seychelles for this.

LDS believes the time is right to renew the call made in early 2017, under the logan “We want an Elected President”. This is because there is now ample proof that the current administration is failing in its responsibility to provide leadership for the country, and in particular to resolve the numerous problems that we contunue to experience.

The new call will be launched in a motion brought by the Leader of The Opposition, Hon. Wavel Ramkalawan, asking the National Assembly to call on President Danny Faure to resign to make way for a fresh Presidential election.

This motion will not have any binding Constitutional effect, because under our Constitution the president is directly elected by the people and cannot be removed by parliament through a motion.

The motion will be followed by rallies and meetings in which LDS will ask the people of Seychelles to back this call. This will demonstrate the people’s will which is the basis of democracy.

Dates and  venues for these events will be publicised and LDS seeks overwhelming support for this call.

Seychelles national football team faces African superpower Nigeria on Saturday. 

It is the case of a mouse against the super eagles. But what can make the difference is the support that our boys can get from the whole country.

We need to rally behind Seychelles! 

Seychelles coach Gavin Jeanne has done his best to downplay expectations. He has recognised the long odds that we face against one of the most powerful teams on the continent, with a lot of resources at its disposal. 

The coach has also spoken of the difficulties he has had in pulling the squad together and the resources to put it in readiness. 

But we know the players are keen for this test. We will give them all the support we can and hope the day will be theirs, and ours. 

Ale Sesel

LDS Secretariat

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