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Seychelles national football team faces African superpower Nigeria on Saturday. 

It is the case of a mouse against the super eagles. But what can make the difference is the support that our boys can get from the whole country.

We need to rally behind Seychelles! 

Seychelles coach Gavin Jeanne has done his best to downplay expectations. He has recognised the long odds that we face against one of the most powerful teams on the continent, with a lot of resources at its disposal. 

The coach has also spoken of the difficulties he has had in pulling the squad together and the resources to put it in readiness. 

But we know the players are keen for this test. We will give them all the support we can and hope the day will be theirs, and ours. 

Ale Sesel

Picture : Migrant workers in Seychelles

The department of employment has announced that government will pay off migrant workers being repatriated if their employers have failed to pay them.

According to the Principal Secretary for Employment, Jules Baker, Government will pay workers facing deportation from the Trafficking in Persons Fund so they can go home with their salaries. These payments could add up to a cost of around R800,000 to R1 million. Government will then take action to make the employers reimburse the payment.

While this scheme may solve one problem it could lead to another. Dishonest employers may wriggle out of their responsibility altogether.

Tough action is needed to ensure that employers who bring in foreign workers meet their obligations in full. The payment of salaries to workers, Seychellois or foreign, must have priority in any funds or assets owned by the employer.

According to the labour department, there are currently nine businesses that are reneging on employment laws and the main violation among this group is non-payment of workers’ salaries and additional benefits such as overtime. Other violations include improper accommodations and abuse of working hours.

PS Baker has announced that some regulations will be strengthened in response to the current crisis.  Laws will be amended to impose stiffer fines for employers failing to meet their obligations, and the mechanism for work permits will be stricter.

But these regulations need to implemented rogourously if the problem is to be solved. The laissez-faire attiitude of key ministries is the main reason why the situation has reached a crisis.


All decorated but nobody came

Parti Lepep has come to a hard crash. A public rally at Anse Boileau on Sunday has turned into a total failure.

The rally was the first public activity organised since a series of meetings held to elect district committees were held several months ago. Advertised on TV, it was not short of publicty and the venue was brightly decorated.

Byt what never materialised is the crowd. Scheduled to start at 2.00 pm, there was no one until around 4.00 pm and then only about 10 people ever showed up.

No major party officials showed up either, although there were a few organisers who stayed mostly out of sight. The rally never happened.

The flop will be a big blow for Parti Lepep as they seek to gain their footing. The party has been discredited, largely by the revelevations of financial abuses and corruption for which they are being held to account. 

It is not clear where the Party stands in relation to the Danny Faure presidency. According to reports there have been talks between the factions to try and patch things up between them but they are still in disagreement about the future presidential candidate and who will be what if they win an election. 

For the moment, it is clear PL has a lot of thinking to do about its future. 


(Picture : Captain Grandcourt with Hon. Ramkalawan)

Seychelles has marked two weeks of tragic incidents which have seen the deaths of a number of our citizens. Their deaths have touched a large number of people personally but the whole nation joins in mourning the victims of these tragedies.

LDS extends its condolences and sympathy to all the families, relatives and friends who have borne these calamities. 

We remember the two young children, Alizee Payet and Liam Leon who lost their lives in the boat accident when returning to Praslin from La Digue after the August 15th celebrations.

Another tragedy that has touched Praslin deeply is the death of Captain Pierre Grandcourt (pictured), a well-respected professional. He lost his life while on a mission to assist a vessel in distress. Captain Grandcourt has always been devoted in service to his country, including in politics. He was part of the leadership of the opposition party SNP and has been a candidate for English River in the National Assembly elections.

In the incident involving a vessel operated by IDC on Coetivy, four men are believed dead although their bodies have not been found so far. They are three Seychellois, Darren Morel, Nigel Fanchette and Norcy Serret and also one Sri Lankan national, AV Prematilka. 

Apart from these accidents, families are also mourning the deaths of others from different incidents in recent days which have been reported as a motor cycle accident, a suicide, an alleged drug overdose, a victim of violence in prison and one in yet unknown circumstances. 

These deaths in our small country are a burden on our hearts and minds and we join together in solidarity to share the pain.

We pray that they all the departed rest in peace and that the families find courage to face the pain of losing their loved ones. 



Picture : MNAs with Seychellois students in Botswana

Four members of the National Assembly of Seychelles attended the 49th Conference of the Commonwelath Parliamentary Association held in Botswana from August 13th to 22nd, 2018. 

The conference was held under the theme “Role of African Parliaments in Development of National and Regional Security”. The theme and the subjects discussed related closely to the work of the Seychelles National Assembly.

In his opening address, the Vice-President of Botswana laid the argument that an effective parliament was an essential element for democracy and good governance in a country. A strong parliament offered the country greater capability in delivering on the expectations of its people in several areas such as employment, food security, health, education and a bright future for youth, and protection of the environment, he said. 

Among the subjects on the agenda of the Conference were combating human trafficking, climate change and its effects on agricultural production, food security and sustainability. These subjects were reflected in the resolutions adopted by the Conference.

The Seychelles delegation was led by Hon. Gervais Henrie and included Hon. Wavel Woodcock, Hon. Wilbert Herminie and Clerk Jutta Alexis. 

The Assembly delegation also visited with Seychellois students at the University of Botswana, following courses in Education.


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