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A brand new 50-bed hospital has been put into service to cope with the demands for treatment of Covid-19 patients. Located on Perseverance island within the zone which accommodates the Coast Guard base, the hospital has been built in record time to answer to the recent surge in Covid cases. It is next to the isolation centre which has been in use since last year and not far from the Sheikh Khalifa family hospital, also in use for Covid treatment.

The new hospital has been rushed into service because of the need for hospital beds which risked overwhelming the existing health facilities. Among the benefits, it has released the Anse Royale hospital from Covid related use, and allowed normal health services to be returned to residents of South Mahe. 

The new facility demonstrates the determination of the Government to meet the enormous challenges which have arisen in coping with the pandemic. Since the onset, health facilities have been under increasing pressure, forcing the Ministry of Health to divert attention from other health needs. But the situation came to the crunch with the recent surge. According to health officials, the new facility is a huge relief for them.

The new hospital, which is as yet unnamed, complements the service provided by the Sheikh Khalifa family hospital. The Government is also targeting the construction of a new isolation centre which is to be located near the Seychelles hospital at Mont Fleuri. All these would be part of a network of facilities which have been to use in the campaign against Covid-19.


Our Government has set the ambitious target of reviving our traditional industries. While this goal  has received new impetus because our main industries have stumbled, it is also a worthwhile goal in itself. It is necessary, covid or not.

Cinnamon is the starting point. The ministry for industry and entrepreneurship has made an initial declaration to launch this project. It has declared its support for this traditional industry which has been allowed to fall by the wayside. Once a prized product, Seychelles cinnamon has lost its market simply through neglect. Even in recent years when there were signs that demand existed, it received zero attention officially. Only a very few private individuals, including one lone exporter, kept a small line of production going.

The comeback will not be easy but it has started. The Ministry of Industry has announced a few key policies to support ventures. It will assist entrepreneurs, put available  cinnamon growing and other possible facilities at their disposal.

The outcome  of this venture will clearly be a valuable lesson. It will enable us to test the principle of returning our traditional industries to economic viability. Entrepreneurs will be keen to see the possibilities, and what else can be done for other crops. If it works, it may be the opening for new  ventures in a variety of fields, with revenue earning and employment benefits that we can surely appreciate.


LDS categorically rejects the objection of United Seychelles to the President’s appointment of Mr. Loncey Micock as Government Liaison Officer for La Digue.

The appointment of the Liaison Officer is a prerogative of the President in line with his responsibility for Government affairs relating to Praslin and La Digue. The choice is justified on the basis of Mr. Micock’s competence and suitability for the post.

The President has respected the principle that positions in the Public Service must be justified on the basis of competence and performance and not on political affiliation. He has maintained that no person should be denied employment because of his or her political record and has consistently maintained this stance in respect of persons with affiliations to US. Supporters of LDS are entitled to the same consideration. The US position is unreasonable, unfair, and amounts to a denial of Mr. Micock’s rights.

It is hypocritical of United Seychelles to object to the appointment of Mr. Micock when previous Presidents have consistently appointed election candidates to positions in the public service. At the present moment Mr. Andre Pool, a former MNA and now a member of the US Central Committee, remains as CEO of the Seychelles Licensing Authority and another member of the Committee, Mr. Steve Monnaie, is an official of the Ministry of Employment.

Several former US/Parti Lepep MNAs are in the Public Service including Mr. Bernard Arnephy, Ms. Murielle Marie, Ms. Nadia Lauricourt, Ms. Sultane Jacqueline and Mr. Meggy Marie.

Also in exactly the same category as Mr. Micock are a number of candidates for United Seychelles in the last election who are in Government employment, namely Mr. Steven Rose, Ms. Cheryl Louise, Mr. Roger Alphonse. Ms. Rachel Spiro and Mr. Terence Crea.

The statement by US dishonors the principle of independent loyal service to the country by persons who have past political affiliations.


The unwarrantable and enduring attacks on the government by United Seychelles continue to show their unwillingness to unify the nation, especially when the country’s economy has been left in tatters and everyone’s efforts are being called into solidarity to save it.

Instead, their energy is being used to purposefully confuse the nation with selective information. The plan to combat COVID-19 is often criticised by the opposition party. Recently Hon. Sebastien Pillay protested at the 2305 confirmed cases of COVID in Seychelles, but the Leader of the Opposition purposefully forgot to mention the 1775 cases that have recovered from the illness, focusing on the bigger numbers to create fear and panic.  In reality, there are only 520 active COVID cases being treated currently.


With lives at risks and 10 Seychellois tragically succumbing to the disease, the government continues to appeal to the entire nation to respect the restrictions and safety guidelines currently in place, if Seychelles is to win against the pandemic. The situation of COVID-19 in Seychelles today totally differs from 10 months ago, with community transmissions recently added to the mix; a volatile situation that could have been much worse if not for the dedications of the health professionals.


With any change in government, it is fine to have reforms that are in the best interest of the country; sadly Seychelles has never experienced such transformation having been ruled by the same government until October 2020.  Therefore, it is concerning when United Seychelles would scream victimisation at the government’s effort to fix the abuse on the Unemployment Relief Scheme (URS) and social welfare permitted to go unabated under their watch.


Contributing significantly in creating a society dependent on the State’s financial assistance to put food on the table, United Seychelles would rather leave these same unsustainable systems in place, simply because it was their controlling mechanism as they had the power to approve or disapprove any applications based on their agenda and not on merit.


The FA4JR list of companies and individuals financially assisted is yet another testimony of the extreme level of mismanagement of funds taking place under the eyes of United Seychelles.  Keeping the FA4JR going was not an option as SCR1.2 billion has already been paid out, such action would have indebted the country to the brink of collapse.


As history would dictate, Seychelles lost its freedom on the 5th of June 1977. The ensuing violence of torture, murder and victimisation that followed the coup d’état and imposed on those not supporting their regime would result in a large number of Seychellois getting displaced and forced to leave their country in terror to watch from afar. For their comments and contributions to be disregarded as insignificant is an insult to their struggle and shows a lack of respect and empathy, thus creating a barrier towards national reconciliation.


The Anse La Mouche controversy has been laid to rest following a press conference at State House by a panel led by President Wavel Ramkalawan. After  a petition handed at State House gates by the concerned individuals and a peaceful demonstration over the weekend, the president informed the nation on his government’s stance vis-à-vis the project.


The project will go ahead as it is not only beneficial to the country but also adheres to the established environmental laws and planning regulations. The president addressed pertinent issues raised in the petition and ordered a review of the EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) process because it was evident that cross sectorial and public consultations could have been of a higher order.


With the Vice President, the Minister for Environment and the chairman of the Planning Authority in attendance all queries were effectively addressed with utmost professionalism. No stones were left unturned.


The manner in which the press conference was conducted gave a clear indication as to what is expected of the current government, a testimony of its commitment for inclusiveness in consultations when issues of national interest arise. It is adhering to the philosophy of transparence, accountability and good governance. Certain elements of the press conference are worth noting.


First and foremost, the President did not blame the previous government for decisions it had taken in respect of the project. This is a sign of astute statesmanship and responsible leadership where past agreements with government have to be respected. It sends the right message to prospective investors.


Secondly, the president did not blame the protesters and other concerned citizens for their vociferous actions. Instead, he welcomed their views and their militancy in preserving the environment. This approach is vital in a democracy where divergent views are not only to be tolerated but given attention.


Thirdly it was abundantly evident that the current administration functions as a coherent team. The fact that the Vice President took all the questions from journalists demonstrates a level of harmony in the work of government never seen before.


President Ramkalawan has once again proven that the voice of every Seychellois is heard by his administration. This is the leadership model that will bring Seychelles forward ensuring that ‘Sesel i reste pour tou son zanfan’

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