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Air Seychelles: The elephant United Seychelles could not see

Air Seychelles has become a serious concern for the LDS government, one with an anchoring debt on the brink of collapsing. It is the more reason why President Ramkalawan was duty-bound to describe the state of the nation as a kales kase.

His frankness, however shocking, has produced a sense of solidarity in a country that now knows the true state of its nation and can now grasp the challenges that lie ahead.


Caught between ending an era of pride and patriotic emotions versus deciding what is best for Seychelles to successfully navigate out of this economic storm; President Ramkalawan has vowed his government will make the necessary decisions however tough  it gets when it comes to Air Seychelles.


Recently, the former CEO of Air Seychelles for 14 years until 2011, Cpt. David Savy gave a rare but insightful interview on SBC describing the type of atmosphere that existed between the previous administration and him. He acknowledged that a lot of bad decisions by the government at the time contributed to the demise of the airline. And as it happens, former President Danny Faure was the Minister of Finance between 2006 – 2012; which puts him in a very distinct position in all of these Air Seychelles calamities, United Seychelles would do well to acknowledge their part in the Air Seychelles saga.


During all of the shenanigans taking place and bringing Air Seychelles to the brink of closure, the 5th National Assembly led by the now US party leader, Dr Patrick Herminie, failed to play their role as an oversight institution that could have used their privilege to questions the actions of the government. Instead, we witnessed a rubber-stamp institution standing idly by as the government continued to make bad decisions contributing to the crisis for Air Seychelles and the economy.


Also part of the 5th National Assembly cohort were Honourable Sebastien Pillay and Honourable Chantal Ghislain who is the current Leader of the Opposition and a proportional member respectively and have been very vocal on the Air Seychelles deliberations in the National Assembly recently. To recall, they were both in a very good position to raise the alarm in the 5th National Assembly that could have prevented or, at minimum, raise some awareness of the risks involved, but instead they remained silent and the decision to partner with Etihad slipped through and was signed  without much due diligence.


Today, United Seychelles wants to play make-believe and pretend they have no idea how Air Seychelles got into this situation and that they are fighting for those who may have to lose their jobs. They should stop using cheap politics to score political points when in fact it was always their actions, or lack of, that has led to the current economic dilemma.


It only remained for the elephant to finally leave the room and sit on top of the house to be noticed since they refused to face reality and the consequences of their actions.

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