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The leadership model Seychelles needs

The Anse La Mouche controversy has been laid to rest following a press conference at State House by a panel led by President Wavel Ramkalawan. After  a petition handed at State House gates by the concerned individuals and a peaceful demonstration over the weekend, the president informed the nation on his government’s stance vis-à-vis the project.


The project will go ahead as it is not only beneficial to the country but also adheres to the established environmental laws and planning regulations. The president addressed pertinent issues raised in the petition and ordered a review of the EIA (Environment Impact Assessment) process because it was evident that cross sectorial and public consultations could have been of a higher order.


With the Vice President, the Minister for Environment and the chairman of the Planning Authority in attendance all queries were effectively addressed with utmost professionalism. No stones were left unturned.


The manner in which the press conference was conducted gave a clear indication as to what is expected of the current government, a testimony of its commitment for inclusiveness in consultations when issues of national interest arise. It is adhering to the philosophy of transparence, accountability and good governance. Certain elements of the press conference are worth noting.


First and foremost, the President did not blame the previous government for decisions it had taken in respect of the project. This is a sign of astute statesmanship and responsible leadership where past agreements with government have to be respected. It sends the right message to prospective investors.


Secondly, the president did not blame the protesters and other concerned citizens for their vociferous actions. Instead, he welcomed their views and their militancy in preserving the environment. This approach is vital in a democracy where divergent views are not only to be tolerated but given attention.


Thirdly it was abundantly evident that the current administration functions as a coherent team. The fact that the Vice President took all the questions from journalists demonstrates a level of harmony in the work of government never seen before.


President Ramkalawan has once again proven that the voice of every Seychellois is heard by his administration. This is the leadership model that will bring Seychelles forward ensuring that ‘Sesel i reste pour tou son zanfan’

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