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LDS categorically rejects the objection of United Seychelles to the President’s appointment of Mr. Loncey Micock as Government Liaison Officer for La Digue.

The appointment of the Liaison Officer is a prerogative of the President in line with his responsibility for Government affairs relating to Praslin and La Digue. The choice is justified on the basis of Mr. Micock’s competence and suitability for the post.

The President has respected the principle that positions in the Public Service must be justified on the basis of competence and performance and not on political affiliation. He has maintained that no person should be denied employment because of his or her political record and has consistently maintained this stance in respect of persons with affiliations to US. Supporters of LDS are entitled to the same consideration. The US position is unreasonable, unfair, and amounts to a denial of Mr. Micock’s rights.

It is hypocritical of United Seychelles to object to the appointment of Mr. Micock when previous Presidents have consistently appointed election candidates to positions in the public service. At the present moment Mr. Andre Pool, a former MNA and now a member of the US Central Committee, remains as CEO of the Seychelles Licensing Authority and another member of the Committee, Mr. Steve Monnaie, is an official of the Ministry of Employment.

Several former US/Parti Lepep MNAs are in the Public Service including Mr. Bernard Arnephy, Ms. Murielle Marie, Ms. Nadia Lauricourt, Ms. Sultane Jacqueline and Mr. Meggy Marie.

Also in exactly the same category as Mr. Micock are a number of candidates for United Seychelles in the last election who are in Government employment, namely Mr. Steven Rose, Ms. Cheryl Louise, Mr. Roger Alphonse. Ms. Rachel Spiro and Mr. Terence Crea.

The statement by US dishonors the principle of independent loyal service to the country by persons who have past political affiliations.


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