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Reviving our traditional industries: cinnamon gets the go

Our Government has set the ambitious target of reviving our traditional industries. While this goal  has received new impetus because our main industries have stumbled, it is also a worthwhile goal in itself. It is necessary, covid or not.

Cinnamon is the starting point. The ministry for industry and entrepreneurship has made an initial declaration to launch this project. It has declared its support for this traditional industry which has been allowed to fall by the wayside. Once a prized product, Seychelles cinnamon has lost its market simply through neglect. Even in recent years when there were signs that demand existed, it received zero attention officially. Only a very few private individuals, including one lone exporter, kept a small line of production going.

The comeback will not be easy but it has started. The Ministry of Industry has announced a few key policies to support ventures. It will assist entrepreneurs, put available  cinnamon growing and other possible facilities at their disposal.

The outcome  of this venture will clearly be a valuable lesson. It will enable us to test the principle of returning our traditional industries to economic viability. Entrepreneurs will be keen to see the possibilities, and what else can be done for other crops. If it works, it may be the opening for new  ventures in a variety of fields, with revenue earning and employment benefits that we can surely appreciate.


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