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Correcting the abuses of the past - Police address condition of remand cells


The leader of the opposition party United Seychelles, Patrick Herminie, has gone as far as to complain to the UN Commission on Human Rights about the conditions in which remandees are kept in police facilities. 

This is after 43 years during which remandees and people in detention for political activities have endured atrocious conditions in the same cells under the previous Government of which he was a part. It should not escape notice that his observations come after high profile people connected to his party have been placed in remand in connection with a case involving the disappearance of USD 50 million under the previous government.

The Seychelles Human Rights Commission has brought the issue to public attention in a report. For the Commission, which has been in existence for several years, the only thing we can say is at least better late than never.

The Police Force has responded with an undertaking to address this long existing problem. Repairs will be done and personnel will be deployed to ensure that the rights of remandees are observed. At last!

The police action reflects that there is iindeed a new mindset. It reflects a desire to be more attentive to what is right.

As for the leader of United Seychelles, it would have been more to his credit if he had raised his voice a long time ago, hen people suffered not only delorable conditions but physical abuse, torture and even death in the same police facilities. His responsibility as a political leader goes farther than simply looking after his own.

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