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LDS National Assembly Members

Hon. Bernard Georges
Hon. Bernard GeorgesLeader of Government Business/Les
Bernard Georges is a practicing lawyer by profession and also lectures in Civil, Commercial and Property Law to the Seychelles Bar. He began his political career in 1991 with the introduction of multi party politics in the Seychelles. In 2001 he was appointed a proportional member in the National Assembly for SNP. He was directly elected to the National Assembly for Les Mamelles district in 2002 and 2006. In September 2016 and again in October 2020, he was elected as a member of the National Assembly for the District of Les Mamelles for Linyon Demokratik Seselwa (LDS). He was elected as Leader of Government Business in the 7th National Assembly.
Hon. George Romain
Hon. George RomainConstituency: Anse
George is 50 years old and married with 2 children, he has been living in the Anse Etoile district for more than 7 years and he has been overwhelmed by the manor he has been accepted and welcomed in the community. George is not new to the political arena, in 2016, he was an observer for LDS at the polling station, including the counting of ballot papers. As the MNA for Anse Etoile, George wants to promote a more unified Anse Etoile where every inhabitants have a contributing role to play in its development, irrespective of their political affiliations, colour, sex or religion.
Hon. Norbert Loizeau
Hon. Norbert LoizeauConstituency: Bel
Norbert Loizeau graduated from Seychelles Polytechnic School of Engineering in 1988 with a Certificate in Electrical Installation Work. He later worked as a technical operator for the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation for 9 years, from 1989 to 1998. His political career started in 2003 as a young political activist with the Seychelles National Party (SNP). He has been an elected member of the 4th, 6th and 7th National Assembly and is also a Member of the Committee on Government Assurance (COGA).
Hon. Philip Monthy
Hon. Philip Monthy Constituency:
Philip Monthy is 45 years of age and a son of Cascade who comes from a family of 10 children. He was brought up with strong family values like working hard; always love your family, honesty and integrity amongst others. In his professional career, Philip was a teacher in various institutions, including secondary schools, NYS, STA, ALDEC and finally a quality assurance officer at SITE. Philip is currently in his 3rd and final year of his Master's Degree in Leadership and Management. As the elected Member of the 7th National Assembly for Cascade, Philip wants to promote more social justice in Cascade where everyone is treated without any political discrimination.
Hon. Waven William
Hon. Waven WilliamConstituency: Grand Anse Mahe
Born in June 1962, Waven William completed his studies at the Seychelles’ College in 1971. He later worked in the agriculture industry for 9 years. In 1990, William was elected as the District Council Chairman under the Ministry of Local Government. William was elected as a Member of Parliament in the 1st National Assembly for the District of Grand Anse under the SPPF banner in 1993. He was again successfully elected for a 2nd term in 1998 as well as served as Chairman of the District Council in that same year. In 2012, William was posted as resident High Commissioner to India and accredited as non-resident High Commissioner. Both in 2016 and 2020, William was elected in the 6th and 7th National Assembly respectively for the Grand Anse Mahe district.
Hon. Gervais Henrie
Hon. Gervais HenrieDeputy Speaker/Mont
Gervais is the 48 years old former MNA for Mont Buxton in the 6th National Assembly, a job he conducted diligently. A journalist by profession, Gervais has over 27 years experience in the media field. In 2001, he founded Le Seychellois Hebdo, a weekly political newspaper keeping the public informed. He was elected as the Member of the National Assembly in 2016 and 2020; both times representing Mont Buxton. Gervais was elected as Deputy Speaker of the 7th National Assembly with an aspiration to lead Mont Buxton alongside its inhabitants who must play a far greater role in the development of their district, a task he planned to achieve by bringing much needed energy and determination.
Hon. Sathyanarayan Naidu
Hon. Sathyanarayan NaiduConstituency: St
From a very young age, Sathya Naidu has had an interest in the development of his country; in 2011 he was a co-founder of the Seychelles Youth Union (SNYU) and in 2012, he was elected on the SNP Executive Committee, a role position he served until 2014. Sathya graduated with a Law Degree and is in the process of taking his Bar Exam. In October 2020, he was elected as a Member of the 7th National Assembly for the District of St. Louis. Sathya has some ambitious plans for St. Louis, including engaging all its inhabitants to have a voice in the developments of their district. He also plans to organise frequent meetings with his constituent to keep them updated and also to capture their concerns.
Hon. Rosie Bistoquet
Hon. Rosie BistoquetProportional
Rosie is a 59 year old mother of 2 children who has lived in Pointe Larue for the last 41 years and never one to shy away from giving a hand in the development of her district. In her professional career, Rosie worked for the Ministry of Health for 41 years, starting as a training nurse to become a Director. Her contributions to the health sector has been tantamount to their success earning her a degree in Leadership and Nursing Management with plans to complete her Masters in Publich Health Management. Rosie was part of the District Regional Council for the East region, ultimately being responsible for Pointe Larue, Cascade and Anse Aux Pins. Always being busy and committed, Rosie was also a prominent member of the LDS Women's Association, whereby she promoted women's empowerment in by giving women a platform to voice out and contribute to the challenges affecting them in the community.
Hon. Naddy ZialorProportional
Hon. Roger Mancienne
Hon. Roger MancienneSpeaker of the National
Born and raised in the Seychelles, Roger Mancienne began his career in education in 1971 working as a teacher with the Minister of Education; he also served as Chairman of the Teacher's Union for 2 years during that time. His teacher career was interrupted after the coup d'eta in 1977 whereby he was illegally arrested and detained for opposing the Government and its policies. With the introduction of multi party in 1991, Mancienne was a founding member of Parti Seselwa; the 1st opposition political party at the time. He was also a founder of Regar newspaper; the fervent voice of the opposition. In 2015, Mancienne stood as the Vice-Presidential nominee for SNP alongside Wavel Ramkalawan as Presidential candidate.
Hon. Clifford Andre
Hon. Clifford AndreConstituency: Anse Aux
Hon. Kelly Samynadin
Hon. Kelly SamynadinConstituency: Au
Kelly is 31 years young and has been living in the district of Au Cap for the pass 13 years, This has given her plenty of opportunities to come face to face with the challenges inflicting Au Cap. Kelly is a teacher by profession that consider her job to be a noble one, since she will be playing a key role in the upbringing of some of our future professionals and leaders. As the Chairperson for the LDS Youth Association, Kelly has always been engaged in working with the youth in Seychelles, by giving them a platform to be able to voice out about the challenges in their community and discuss solutions.
Hon. John Hoareau
Hon. John HoareauConstituency: Beau
John is 51 years of age and grew up in the district of Beau Vallon. In his professional career, John was a secondary school teacher but he also taught at NYS and more recently at the University of Seychelles. John was also a member of the 6th National Assembly who made history in 2016 by winning a majority. Before the 6th National Assembly was dissolved, John brought a motion requesting the government to give family planning services to under 18's and also to decentralised services for communicable diseases.
Hon. Andy Labonte
Hon. Andy LabonteConstituency: English
Andy is 39 years of age, an inhabitant of English River all his life. This has presented the opportunity to experience first hand the challenges facing English River. As a spiritual person, Andy advocates unity and tolerance in his everyday life, with a mindset of working together to achieve a common goal. Many people may know him as a taxi driver and that profession has given Andy the opportunity to meet and interact with people from all different walks of life, and Andy would always greet everyone with the same beaming Seychellois trademark smile. As the MNA for English River, Andy plans to bring more unity in the district where everyone is included in the development of their district.
Hon. Wavel Woodcock
Hon. Wavel WoodcockConstituency: Grand Anse
Wavel Woodcock is 38 years old native of Praslin who attended both primary and secondary school on Praslin. He is also a university graduate who firmly believe in equality and social justice for all Seychellois. During his younger days, Wavel dedicated most of his time to working with the youth through non-profit organisation. He has a passion for Praslin and its inhabitants, irrespective of their colour, religion, sex or political affiliation, as a member of the 6th National Assembly, Wavel fought tirelessly for Praslin at every opportune moments.
Hon. Desheila Bastienne
Hon. Desheila BastienneConstituency:
Desheila is a 58 year old proud mother of 4 children who has lived in various district across Mahe, including St Louis, Beau Vallon and Mont Buxton. In her professional career, Desheila worked as a supervisor in the banking sector. In 2017, Desheila chaired the LDS Women's Association, a platform that empowered and supported women in society. This position has allowed Desheila to build a rapport with various personalities irrespective of their religion, colour or political affiliation. During the 4 years working alongside the inhabitants of Perseverance, Desheila has identified key issues and challenges she will be addressing whilst working side by side with her constituency. As the new elected Member of the National Assembly for Perseverance, Desheila has an ambitious plan to bring even more developments to the community benefiting all inhabitants.
Hon. Terence Mondon
Hon. Terence MondonConstituency:
Hon. Clive Roucou
Hon. Clive RoucouProportional
Hon. Philip Arrisol
Hon. Philip ArrisolConstituency: Anse
Philip is 50 years old and a resident of Anse Boileau since 1975, during his time living in Anse Boileau, Philip has developed a solidarity and strong relationship with the inhabitants. Always playing an active role in his community, Philip coached the local basketball team to numerous victories. In 2018, he convincingly won the by-election for Anse Boileau constituent by more than 1100 votes. Philip's moto for the 2019 legislative election was "make Anse Boileau great again, where all our residents will be proud”
Francois Adelaide
Francois Adelaide Constituency: Baie
Francois is 46 years of age and a father of 2 children who has lived in Baie Lazare all his life. He completed his studies in 1996 and worked as a nurse for the Ministry of Health from 1997 - 2001. Francois was a member of the 6th National Assembly who raised pertinent issues for his constituency during his tenure. He has always advocate and promoting the inhabitants of Baie Lazare to express themselves independently. Francois was a member of the Truth and Reconciliation Committee who were instrumental in the inception of the Truth, Reconciliation and National Unity commission (TRNUC) that we know today
Hon. Sandy Arrisol
Hon. Sandy ArrisolConstituency: Bel
Born in 1977, Sandy Arissol completed his studies at the Seychelles Polytechnic and worked as a Lab Technician for ten years. He joined the Seychelles National Party (SNP) in 2007 where he stood as a Candidate for SNP for St Louis. Sandy is an elected Member of the 4th, 6th and 7th National Assembly representing St Louis and Bel Ombre. He is also a Member of the Finance and Public Accounts Committee and the Defence and Security Committee.
Hon. Regina Esparon
Hon. Regina EsparonConstituency:
Regina is a veteran politician/activist at the tender age of 55 years old and a homegrown talent who have lived at Glacis all her life. In her professional career, Regina worked as a nurse within the Ministry of Health which she often found difficulties in expressing herself freely during the one party state. In 1997, Regina started her journey in politics and she always fought to bring change to Glacis. It was a difficult road full of disappointments, but that never discouraged her from achieving her goals for Glacis.
Hon. Michel Roucou
Hon. Michel RoucouConstituency: Mont Fleuri
Michel is 35 years old and a proud father of 2 children. He grew up in Mont Fleuri all his life and went to school there. He started his journey in politics at a young age, mobilising supporters for the opposing side. Michel was a former US activist who's political beliefs took a different path resulting in a young, dynamic and passionate young man joining LDS. In 2020, he was elected as a Member of the National Assembly for Mont `Fleuri.
Hon. Richard Labrosse
Hon. Richard LabrosseConstituency:
Richard is 36 years old and grew up in Belvedere, a sub-district of Plaisance. As a young active member of his community, Richard is also the Chairman for LAMP, an NGO that works with youth going through difficulties, especially those still at school. He is also an observer for elections taking place in the SADC countries and the African Union and he is also a proud peacekeepers for the East African Standby Force (EASF). Richard plans to bring a more inclusive mindset for Plaisance where all inhabitants will have a role to play in the development of its district.
Hon. Doyace Porice
Hon. Doyace
Born and raised in Baie Ste Anne, Doyace is a proud native daughter of Praslin. In her professional career, Doyace worked as a clerk to the MNA's office for St Louis. For 27 years, Doyace also worked for the government in various departments including Education, Youth and Local Government. This opportunity has given her a valuable insight of the challenges and bureaucracies that exist and a clearer understanding of how to manage these key issues. Doyace has always promoted women's empowerment, as the Chairperson for LDS Women's Association, Doyace has organised numerous educational programmes aimed at supporting more women empowerment.

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