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LDS was formed by an association of opposition political parties and candidates which had contested the Presidential Election of 2015. 

These  were the Seychelles National Party (SNP) led by Wavel Ramkalawan, Lalyans Seselwa (LS) led by Patrick Pillay,  Seychelles Party for Social Justice and Democracy led by Alexia Amesbury, the Seychelles United Party led by Robert Ernesta, and independent candidate Philippe Boullé. 

In line with an agreement to rally behind the highest placed opposition candidate in the first round of the Presidential election, they joined together under the name ‘Linyon Sanzman’ to back Wavel Ramkalawan of the SNP for the second round.  

The alliance was registerd as a new political party under the name Linyon Demokratik Seselwa  in April 2016, with Roger Mancienne as Party Leader.

LDS contested the legislative elections in September 2016 and emerged as the strongest party in the National Assembly with 19 out of 34 seats.

Since it entered the National Assembly, LDS has championed a number of constitutional and legal amendments to strengthen the democratic system of Government. This has included the re-structuring of a number of key institutions such as the Constitutional Appointments Authority, the Electoral Commission, the Seychelles Broadcasting Corporation and the Anti-Corruption Commission.

 Through its work in the National Assembly, LDS has led a determind effort to bring transparency and accountability which is transforming the management of public affairs, in particular financial management.


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