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What We Stand For

LDS is dedicated to making Seychelles an exemplary democratic state which guarantees freedom within the rule of law, equal opportunity and social justice for all Seychellois.

In its first years, LDS has fought to ensure for all Seychellois  the rights granted in the Constitution, to establish strong democratic institutions and promote effective government.  

The goals which are enshrined in our Party Manifesto for the 2020 elections and on which our present work is based are:

  • Getting past Covid-19 and ensuring health and safety of all our citizens
  • Re-opening and laying new foundations for our economy
  • Building national unity 
  • Strengthening democracy and  securing the rights of citizens
  • Building an effective state with an independent and efficient public service
  • Promoting economic security and growth within sustainable national development
  • Striving for a high standard of education, health care, housing  and social services
  • Promoting our cultural heritage and building a healthy  society
  • Protecting our natural environment 


LDS Secretariat

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