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District Representatives

The members of the National Assembly are also the LDS Representatives in their respective districts, where they stood for election in 2016.

Party affairs at district level are managed by the District Representatives. The members of the National Assembly  are the Representatives for the District in which they were elected or reside, (See National Assembly page).

The District Representatives who are not MNAs are:

Doyace Porice
Doyace Porice District : Grand Anse MaheTEL: 2572732
Rosie Bistoquet
Rosie Bistoquet District : Point LarueTEL 2522246
Loncey Micock
Loncey Micock District : La Digue & Inner IslandsTEL 2510613
Godfra Hermitte
Godfra Hermitte District : Port GlaudTEL 2546424
Desheila Bastienne
Desheila Bastienne District : PerseveranceTEL 2503380
George Madeleine
George Madeleine District : CascadeTEL 2510227

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