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LDS Women Association

The LDS Women’s Association exists to support the program of the party and to give women a forum from where they can speak out and act together on specific issues. They have a particular focus on social issues that concern women and family. 

LDS is committed to a greater role for women in politics and therefore in national leadership. The Women’s Association can be a platform for women to become engaged  and thereby encourage participation in national affairs. 


The LDS Women’s Association is managed by a National Committee.



Chairperson : Desheila Bastienne
Vice Chairperson : Doyace Porice
Secretary : Cheryl Philoe
Treasurer: Sabiana Mancienne
Members:  Rita Panayi, Lorna Leopold, Cynthia Haryba, Claudette Adela, Sabrina Desouza



LDS Secretariat

ADDRESS:  Lakaz Seselwa Mont Fleuri    |     OFFICE TEL 4321122  |     EMAIL :

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